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2020 Kansas City Chiefs tickets are sold in "pods" of 4+ seats to maintain social distancing in the stadium

All Chiefs tickets at Arrowhead stadium in 2020 will be sold accordingly

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Chiefs Ticket Details

Kansas City Chiefs tickets at Arrowhead Stadium are as in-demand as NFL tickets get, and yet often sell at reasonable (by NFL standards) prices. KC Chiefs tickets offer an incredible gameday experience that extends far beyond the game. 

Chiefs tickets at arrowhead are typically for seating in one of three decks of seating that fully encircle the field. Tickets in 100 level are in the field level seating bowl of Arrowhead Stadium. Sections in the field level have approximately 32 rows (though it varies) and are the closest seats to the field. Tickets on the side of the field with the Chiefs sideline are in sections 116-122, while the visiting sideline is near sections 134-136 and 101-104. 

The second seating bowl is the Club level. Club level seats are located in this section denoted as 200 level tickets and can be seen as the yellow seats arranged in approximately 9 rows that encircle the field at the second level of the stadium. From this height, Chiefs club seating sections offer some of the best sightlines available. Club tickets for Chiefs games typically carry a hefty pricing premium but allow access to temperature-controlled concourses, luounges, and bars with upscale foot and beverage options. Club tickets typically allow access to beginning 2.5 hours before kickoff and for an hour after the game in case you'd like to relax in comfort rather than wait in lines to exit the parking lots.

The 300 level is a massive upper deck with tickets for seating in a wide-range of price points. Seats in the first 10 rows above the sidelines on the 300 level offer incredible site lines, while other areas offer a vantage point where you can see the whole stadium. 300 level Chiefs tickets along the sideline are usually in rows numbered 1-40 with corner sections stretching up to 46 rows. Endzone seats offer an affordable option with quality sightlines closer to the field and sections of 10+ rows. 

Arrowhead Stadium Parking & Info 

Arrowhead Stadium is part of the Truman Sports Complex near the junction of I-70 & I-435 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Truman Sports Complex is also the site of Kauffman Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Royals. 

Surrounding Arrowhead Stadium are extensive parking lots managed by the team. Parking must be purchased and should be acquired in advance through the Chiefs website or a reputable ticket broker. Arriving early is encouraged as this is widely recognized as one of the best tailgating venues in the NFL. Additional details can be found on the Chiefs website HERE. 


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